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Join the 100% Free marketing challenge by MakerBox. Get 10-minute marketing lessons to supercharge your day. Sharpen your positioning, build an audience, and increase revenue. You deserve to love your marketing weeks.

MakerBox Marketing Challenge Preview

7 lessons to boost your marketing

Get ready to wake up from Stripe notifications


Time for a marketing week!

No more excuses


1. Welcome Aboard

Learn the course structure and make a commitment


2. Product Positioning

Supercharge your value proposition


3. Landing Page

Learn how to nail your Hero block


4. Audience building

Build a loyal tribe and have β€œfree” marketing


5. Email Outreach

Promote your product directly without spam


6. Content Marketing

Go beyond audience building on Twitter


7. Tips & Next Steps

Marketing strategies for Indie Entrepreneurs


Lesson structure

We hate 2-hour marketing videos as much as you do. That’s why you can learn each framework in our challenge in 10 minutes.

Why this framework is essential for Indie Entrepreneurs

A brief theory without the fluff

An example of applying this framework to a digital product

Action plan for the day

Ready to nail your marketing week?

Because we are.