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We audit your marketing and create a personalized plan to fix it in 4 weeks. So you can reach profitability with confidence.

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Honest and actionable feedback from the MakerBox team


  • Do you have a specific target audience?
  • Is your value proposition remarkable?
  • How are your better than your competitors?
  • Is your product aligned with your marketing?

Marketing Funnel

  • Do you attract high-quality traffic?
  • Do you communicate your value proposition clearly?
  • Does your landing page convert consistently?
  • Do you have a profitable monetization?
  • Do you leverage the product to get word of mouth?


  • Do you analyze the right marketing metrics?
  • Do you talk with users enough?
  • Do you run impactful marketing experiments?


Never second guess your marketing again

Marketing Audit Pricing

Holistic review of your marketing strengths and weaknesses (Positioning, Funnel, Operations)

Step-by-step action plan to improve your marketing in 30 days

Done in 3 business days by Dan Kulkov and Sveta Bay

100% money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about it

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about it